Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

The fastest growing water sport in the world. SUP is a new crossover sport offering the flexibility of kayaking with the potential for wave riding.

Easier than surfing, this beginner friendly paddle sport feels like walking on water! It is a great core workout and has become a favored celebrity sport.

Relaxing and exhilarating, easy yet challenging, SUP is the perfect way to explore Cape Cod's beautiful ocean coastline, serene kettle ponds, and marshes. The prone stading position offers a great viewing angle of everything above and below the water. looking down, you can easily see fish, seals, and shells while quietly gliding across the water!  Great for all ages, it is the ideal family vacation activity.  Join us for a tour, or grab a rental and have fun on your own!

A Guide to Stand Up Paddleboarding on Cape Cod

With over 500 miles of oceanfront coastline and hundreds of fresh water kettle ponds, Cape Cod is an ideal place to SUP!  Here are some tips to make your paddle experience a successful one:

Is Stand Up Paddleboarding a Good Workout?  

People often hear about the fitness benefits of stand up paddleboarding.  When asked about whether it offers a workout, I like to compare it to riding a bicycle.  A leisurely, short ride around the neighborhood can be very enjoyable but is not very strenuous.  Similarly, a carefree sightseeing paddle in a calm waterway is not going to offer much of a workoutt.  However, much the same way a long and fast bike ride involving challenging terrain will tire out the fittest athlete so will paddling that involves longer distances, a faster paddle cadence, and paddling through waves, into a wind, or into a current.  The chart below provides and overview of the calories burned with different types of paddling:

SUP paddleboard fitness calorie burn chart